listen to my silences
2002-09-20 15:36:39 (UTC)


okay i don't know how to spell that word but anyways. i
was talking to charlie last night and reminiscing my

when i was about ten years old i got my first pair of
rollerblades. i taught myself how to skate on them. my
brother got a go kart (the pedal kind) at the same time.
this was christmas. he would have been...six. my sister
got blades too, but she's learn to skate.

we used to play in the basement before i lived down there
and before mom and dad freaked out about the dust that we
stirred up. brian would ride his go kart and chase me
around the basement trying to run over me. we have a
really big basement. it's not finished; all concrete.
now, you'd think that he would be able to go faster than
me...well, he could but i would turn corners faster than
him and he would go skidding into the walls. and the
stairs. and the ironing board. the washer and dryer. and
the sump pump on more than one occasion too. susan would
play with her barbies in the middle of the floor, the
middle of where we were playing. we'd play around
her...for the most part.

once, brian crashed into her barbie box. it was really
funny. barbies went everywhere. i ran over a bunch of
them. they had no more legs, heads, arms...and i went
flying through the air. it was really funny. she just sat
there and started crying. sometimes she left her barbies
out when she wasn't down there and brian would try to push
them with his go kart into the sump pump. then there were
the times when we would just disgusted and have the barbies
have a party. a pool party. a formal pool party. we
would put them in their nicest dresses and take them to the
sump pump. then we'd tie them by their hair so they would
stay. yeah, i hated barbies. still do. i have a whole

they're in a box!!! lol for those that know.

okay well that's enough stories for now. later!

final thought: some people are in the box. some people are
outside the box. some people don't even know there's a
box. and some people can't find the box. then there's the
ones that are in the corner of the triangle that's in the
rectangle which is in the circle in the very corner of the
box. hey-gullible is written on your ceiling!!!