I am a goddess
2001-07-25 18:05:30 (UTC)


i'm one of these people who when they get stressed eats and
eats and eats. I wish i didnt, i hav put on sooo much
weight recently, the strange thing is men seem to pay me
more attention now that i am fat! that is very strange.It
doesn't matter how much i try, i will never be able to
understand how people think, bang goes my career as a
pyschologist. I think that when adults say that the teenage
years are the best years of your lives i thin they ahve
forgotten what its like to be young, i was talking to one
of my friends about this and he said (he is 19) that he
would rather die than be 16 again. he said that he went
through soooo much then and was not prepared to go through
any of that ever again. So it just proves adults talk
bollocks and have no clue about anything teenage. So :p