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2002-09-20 14:36:42 (UTC)

Paying The Cost

I dont know much about my life
But I know this much is true
Not very long ago I was happy
happily in love with you

I never understood exactly what happened
although i know i done you bad
I didn't think about what was infront of me
I didnt realize what I had

Now I cry because Ive lost you
Because of a moment of wrong choice
Over and over through my mind
I keep hearing the anger in your voice

The hurt i felt caused me anger
the memories caused me pain
what is left-I dont know
But heartache is only there to gain

It kills me just to look at you
Although I cant take my eyes away
I need to tell you how I feel
But I can't find the words to say

I see you when you look at me
And I now see what I lost
I'm sorry for what I put you through
I'm now paying the cost

Ashley McCoy
September 2002