Life of Joolz
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2001-07-25 17:45:02 (UTC)

Wednesday 25th July 2001

6.45pm-too busy to write really-haven't stopped with house
and too stressed out. Been working constantly on house all
last weekend and for few hours after work. Have decorated lounge last
weekend, it's a long story but it's second time it's been done, and
continued with bedroom since-the ceiling has still to be finished.

I also carried home two venetian blinds home from work, one 5 foot
one for my bedroom in silver aluminium, very fine slats, and one
4foot one for hall way in same. What a job bringing them home on the
metro-it wasn't the weight it was the length-oof. never thought I
would ever buy venetian blinds but when I saw them on display they
looked lovely. So I had to have them. Amazed at the difference they
make, and so minimalistic too.
Anyway I put the buggers up myself too-dead proud of mesenn I am. Had
to take old curtain tracks down, paint the batons etc and then put
them up, carefully measuring where brackets had to go. Not bad for a
novice am I?
Look dead trendy and all. Also got some light aubergine cushions
from Rosebys for lounge, plus new curtains for dining room-had to
bring them all home in shifts on metro, but I did it. Always manage
to I do.In this heat as well!

Had enough now, coz am really knackered and have lost a few
pounds. Haven't been well either-I woke up Monday morning
to terrific pain behind left eye, not quite a migraine but
near enough. I felt ill and dizzy all day and no amount of
painkillers would take it off. Pain was there all Tuesday
too, infact they let me out of work to get some fresh air
and buy some Iboprofen tablets. I nearly came home sick but
I stuck it out. Was very weepy too and feel isolated and
slightly depressed like last year. Don't wanna speak with no-one
either. Not like me at all but there ya go. Can't help it.
I also got some Nytols to make sure I slept, which I did
for 6 hours last night, and woke up bit better this morning-pain is
not so bad but in the other eye I have a purple bruise on
the eyelid! Looks like I've been thumped, and that eye
doesn't hurt. Strange, so now I have just ahd a bath and
gonna relax now for rest of evening.

I have painted 14 squares of my bedroom ceiling after work
today too-might as well be in pain doing that rather than
just lying down doing nowt.
vanessa rang last night, and Adam rang Monday. I also rang
Shoizza for chat Monday night too. Her house is still going
ahead. Adam's got a part time job at Morrisons and he is
off to College in Septemebr to do Travel and Tourism
Advanced NVQ. (Depending on exam results) they are all
doing well and feel sorry for them listening to me moaning,
coz there's always summat wrong with us these days. Maybe I
am doing too much, I dunno.

It's been sweltering here all weekend and all week-very
humid in the afternoons. Loadsa people are going abroad
next week and I'm sick of their holiday talk-you'd think
they never got anywhere!

My little pet mouse did die last Thursday, he was alive when I got
home from work, and dead by 7.30-the other one is so sad without him
running round looking for him, it breaks my heart. I buried browny on
the right hand side of the garden as pet cemetary is full really.

Ron's birthday was last Sunday, so for a surprise I booked a mini
cruise (again) on the new ship Queen of Scandinavia for a
surprise!!!!!!!! Hurray-what happened was I wrote a brown nosing
email to DFDS, praising their mini cruises etc, and lo and behold
they emailed me back last Friday with a special offer for me as I am
a good customer! So I rang this Janet woman up Sat.morning and she's
offered me a Commodore cabin (luxury one with picture window, own
steward, mini bar (!) and two beds, not bunks, free breakfasts
brought to our cabin all for £69 each instead of £198 each. Can't
believe it-so we're off back to my fave place Amsterdam on Sunday
26th August and come back on the Tuesday. This time in the lap of
luxury on a new ship which is more like a cruise liner (seen it
parked next to ours last time we went to Norway) in a top of the
range cabin on a high deck. No longer with the scuffers on 3rd deck=-
this one will be on 8th or 9th-yipee.
I printed the email from DFDS and put it in Ron's birthday card and
gave it to him Sunday morning. Nice surprise for him. he was shocked
mainly coz of the fact I've got massive discount on the cruise and
we've never been able to afford Commodore class before, not at £200
nicker each, so looking forward to that.

Paul rang Ron last weekend too-he wants to come up in August with
Gail and the kids. The kids are gonna stop with us while they stay
with Paul's granny in her flat. It's gonna be for a weekend. I've got
Queenie and Dez coming this Saturday and they're staying till Monday!
very busy weekend it's gonna be. Will have to brace myself for it.
And Adam is going to try get up in August too, from a Friday to a
Must go now as I have wrote too much and my left eye hurts. Can't
even blame the alcohol as I didn't have any last night, might have
glass red vino though. Never know it may help. Tara for now.

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