My thoughts
2001-07-25 17:31:44 (UTC)


I woke up late today, like around 12:30 or so lol. I went
to bed last night around 4 something. Me and my dad went
and ate lunch just a little while ago; just between you and
me it was AWFUL! I'm really starting to get tired of that
restaurant. I might go lay out today by the pool, I hope I
can get some more sun. I wanna be just a little bit more
darker before school starts back. I also gotta do so major
school shopping; I've done a little bit, but not alot. Me
and Andrew are gunna do something Saturday for his
birthday. And I've got to go to a birthday party Friday for
my friend Lindie. I know so many people that have birthdays
in July. And my friend Lyndsey might do something Sunday
for her's so I have a pretty fulled weekend. Well I'm gunna
HoP for now. Catcha later:)
Love- sara