Pirate D

Jesus knows where you live
2001-07-25 17:31:28 (UTC)

Bastardism - New bastards start here

First of all no replies about the word "Bastard" being a
child born out of wedlock because i'll shove my boot up
your ass for trying to be a smart ass with a one-inch
wonker...oh wait you are!


Being a bastard, like me, is a bit like learning to play
the piano, but i already said what happens to people who
play the piano so, in fact its nothing like playing the
piano so ignore this what i just wrote.
The only thing that makes it like plying the piano is
because you have to start young, but thats true for a lot
of things, breathing for example so being a complete and
total bastard, like me, is like breathing or going to the
pisser or going out with Gary Glitter(pedo!)