my own escape
2002-09-20 12:01:31 (UTC)

im not str8

So, I'm no longer into guys and thats okay with me and
finally its okay with my family. I dont really think or
feel like i was ever really into guys because as long as i
can remember i've always liked and been attracted to girls.
People say its a phase that maybe ill grow out of it. My
mom used to tell me that there was medicine out there that
could help me. Well, if it is bringit on cuz it aint like
this shit has actually made my life any easier. Its not a
choice. Because- who would choose to have people think they
are dirty and immoral? Who would want to have those dirty
looks in the streets and those snide remarks? Who wants
people to stare and whisper? And you know they're talking
baout you. No, its not the paranoia anymore, its the
reality of being a homo in this sexist, racist country
where we're supposed to be free. Then why does it cost so
much to live?