as the Oval turns
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2001-07-25 16:49:22 (UTC)

gone in the blink of an eye

Over the weekend, this dude in one of my classes passed
away suddenly...I guess he had advanced cancer and he
didn't know it. I didn't know the dude personally, but he
was one of the band of us that would have a lot to say
during class discussions, and I knew that he was involved
in writing for the school paper and w/the BSA's. It's
strange seeing someone that's my age that I had some sort
of contact with dying like that. The last time that
happened was when around this time 5 years ago when a girl
I used to have beef with in middle school had died in a
house fire a year after we went off to high school. But
the difference is that this dude, his name was N'du, had
been in class with us last week looking pretty normal and
healthy, taking the midterm with us. It was like last
Wednesday he was right there in class, and two days later
he's no longer with us. When I found out Monday, the first
thing I wondered is if he knew Jesus, if he was saved. I
really hope he was a Christian. I remember a good friend
of mine saying to me that she wanted to go and party and
have sex and the whole nine, and when she was ready to
settle down, she'd devote her life to God. But the thing
is, and I really see this in a huge way after what happened
to N'du, you don't know how much time you have, and that
time you figure that you're going to settle down is time
you don't know you have for sure, and as a matter of fact,
you're not even guaranteed tomorrow. It's so easy to go day
by day taking your life for granted, and I see so many
people that don't think they have to worry about where they
go once they die, yet their life could be gone in a blink
of an eye.