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2002-09-20 05:53:06 (UTC)

so i know that you are real, so i know that you can feel

my brain is so fried. and i dont even want to hear the
words brain again.

so much studying. so much coffee. so much talking.

im fucking tired.

im really glad that i have someone to study with. it makes
it a lot easier. and makes me feel less antisocial as well.

he really is a nice guy.
he seems like a very good boy.
he hasnt had a girlfriend in over two years.
hes not very experienced and i like it.
i know she thinks that boy=boy. and normally im the first
one to assume the same.
but, he calls me his friend. and hes really nice.
hes almost kind of dorky, which is cool.
i really believe that hes just out to be my friend and to
have someone to study with.
maybe im wrong. it wouldnt be the first time.
but, either way, its good for what i need right now.
a friend. and a study partner.
he thinks its cool that i date girls. but not like
perverted cool. hes never even alluded to anything sexual.
like not even in conversation. its just, intellectual.
innocent to a degree.


im going to be his friend until something makes me think
that he has other intentions. i dont consider myself one
that would not be friends with someone based on gender, or
anything of the sort for that matter. and im not going to
start now.