purple star

Never once spoken
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2002-09-20 05:01:56 (UTC)

my thoughts

so i dont normally do this... but here goes, this is a work
in progress.

im all alone. can you see the pain in my eyes? hear the
despiration in my voice? just beyond my reach i see the
source. the solution to my life. the cause of the pain
and despair. the cause of the beauty and meaning. its one
in the same. do you see me when i sleep? tossing.
turning. thinking. yearning. do you feel my thoughts?
love. lust. death. romance. do you hear me when i cry?
out your name. do you hold me in your thoughts? dreams?
you're all alone. do you cry for me? reach out for me?
yearn. do you feel it too? love. listen to the wind.
you will hear me, feel me, hold me, touch me, with your
soul. your words. we are one?

that is how i feel right now. goodnight.

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