My Life...
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2001-07-25 15:01:43 (UTC)


Wow! I haven't written in here for a while. I am at work
right now. And I got here a little early, so I have aout 10
minutes before I can start to work. I start at 8:00-5:00.
day's seem so long and drawn out lately. I am not why, but
they just don't go by as fast as they use too.
I feel really good about myself today, though. Lastnight
Jake and I worked out for 2 hours so now I am all pumped
up, and know that it's time for me to get back into shape.
Ever since the accident I have gained a lot of wieght. I
have been down on myself for it, since it happened and once
I started gaining the wieght. I felt like everythin I
worked for was now gone. I have alway's had wiehgt on me,
ever since I was little. I got teased all the time!!
Espeacilly by my older sister, but that's okay we are great
friends now. And it was like finally my Senior year in High
School when finally I got done to the wieght and the
clothes size that I have alway's wanted to be. Than on feb.
1,2001 we got into the accident. I think I already
mintioned something about that in one of my other writings.
Any way, now I have to start all over again, and boy it is
hard, and it sucks. But, thank God I have someone who loves
me enough to stand by me and help me and encourage me, and
even do it with me. Jake knows how it feels becuase before
the accident he was 220 lbs, and 6% body fat. he was a
football player, so he had to be big. He lost like 60 lbs
from the accident. So I guess we both have our own goals to
accomplish now, and even thought their slightly different
we can still be there and accomplish it together.
Well it's 8:00, so I guess I should go.