Manny Fresh

Manny Fresh's Life
2002-09-20 04:19:27 (UTC)

On Top Of The Mountain

Dear Diary,
Man Its Been More Than A Month Since Ive Signed It But
Honestly I've Been Soooo Busy With All This Things!!
School,Work,My Gurl,Marines Etc.....Well I Named THis Entry
On Top Of The Mountain Cause Im Up There Leaving Life To
The FUllest RIght Now Im On Top Baby...Well..Let Me Tell
You Whats Been Going On.I've Been Partying,Klubbin,Football
Games And Everything But Ever Since Ive Been With This
Chick i Think Ive Calmed Down A Lil. I Recently Started
Going Out With The Cutest Thing Ever Sept Friday The 13th!
Her Name Is Vivian. I Know I KNow That I Told My Self No
More Dating Till I Graduated So She Wouldnt Interfere With
My Studies But I Dont Know So Far Its Been Great I Mean She
Runs Through My Head All Day But IM Still Able To
Concentrate With Everything Cause I Have Nuttin To Worry
About To Lose My Concetration. Shes Everything TO Me Now,
My Inspiration To Make It Through The Day To See Her And
Everything. Her Smile At The End Of The Day Asures Me A
Great Day And A Good Night Sleep. Im Glad To Be With Her
She Does The Least Things I Would Expect And Things No
Other Gurl Has Done For Me Or Told Me Shes Different For
Real I Just Hope She Dosent Change. I Swear Imma Not Gonna
Fuck Up This Time Imma Be Faithful To Her And Not Take Her
For Granted!I cant Explain The Feelings I Got For Her There
Just Unexplainable. Other Then Her IM Not Sure Bout The
Marines Anymore Im Gettin Kinda Scared Honestly Cuase Ive
realized I Got Many Other Oppurtunities I Just Never Really
Looked Into!Not To Long Ago I Had A Scout For TCTalent A
Modelin Agency Come Up To Me ANd Today I Got A Letter In
The Mail About Soccer To PLay For A Team To Represent USA
In Either Spain,Australia, Or Holland (I Suck At Soccer NOw
THough I Havent Played In Forever!)I Dont KNow Im Just Glad
I Haven Given Up And I Still Got My Head Over My Shoulders
But I Can Decide Which Way To Go Yet.IM Gettin My Car By
The End Of November For Sure Im Soo Glad! A Honda Prelude
Im Just Gonna Need Bout 4 G's Extra To Put Parts And
Everything Into It TO Fix It Up Bad Ass Cause Ive Looked
Into It And Made Estimates!Im Finally Turnin 18 And Gettin
My Fucken Liscence Since Its Not Gonna Be Suspended No
More. GoD Im Soo Thankful To Have YOu In My Life And Thats
Why I Accept You In It Everyday To Look Down Below On
Me,Watch Me, And Keep Me Away From Harm.Thank You For
Bringing Vivian Into MY Life And Keepin Me Out Of Trouble. Last But
Not Least I Wanna Thank YoU For My Friends WHo Have Been There For Be
FroM Thick And Thin And Readin My Entries And Givin Me Feedback
Scilla Thanks Alot And I WIsh You The Best FO Luck In The Future AS
Well With Your Baby To Come Ill Always Be Here For You No Matter What!
School WOW Let Me Tell You Its Kinda Borin But Hey Our
Football Is 3-0 Undefeated Baby And Its My SENIOR Year. We
Play South Garland Next Friday For Our 1st District Game
And There Our Biggest Rivarly I Just Hope We Win.I Got
Sneior Pics ON Sept 23,Well I Gots TO Go Ill Be ON Here
Soon I Promise I Gots To GO Write My Babe! Take Care
Everyone! Im Out Manny