April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-09-20 02:53:37 (UTC)


well i made it to school... yay. I had a good day though.
I've had my eye on this boy in my acting class, he's in my
french class to. He's not so cute or anything but he's got
that...charisma. yeah. man, he's into a whole buncha things
like directing and makin movies, hes so cool. He kinda
reminds my of a certain guy... Anyway Dianas lil' brother
is close friends with him right, and she let it slip that i
found him attractive!!! I know i want him to know but NOT
YET!! So the dance is Friday, not tomorrow, but i bet he
wont go... just because i want him to. Know whats silly?
he's 2 years younger than me! WHAT AM I GONNA DO? geee i
make things difficult for myself!

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