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2002-09-20 02:07:54 (UTC)

Philosophy Recitation Notes

Notes I took during my Philosophy Recitation Class:
My Phil T.A (underlined)
- Has picked up coke bottle 12 times, never drank it,
always just screwed on cap and screwed off.
- constant movement
- shifty eyes/ shaky voice
- bad jokes
- chubby
- when she draws lines on black board they go down
- most likely single
- give up on younger male prospects = antipathy, fear of
not being attractive to older male prospects (she herself
is not young enough)
- 2 choices for above dilemma 1. broaden spectrum 2.
change self
- 2. is very hard. insecurities so manifest they radiate
in her everyday life.
- sinking sensation of solitude = vindictive pursuit of
education....can't be supported (no male prospect) = must
support self
- what is she thinking about above? why me? i'm not ugly,
i'm not fat! why me?
- does she enjoy teaching? allows her to be "head of
class" = feeling that she controls something, own life is
not conforming to society's view = she's not controlling
amounts to desperation
- she must think "am i liked by the class?" she tries to
be just look at her bad jokes
- such stupid questions yet she mothers/babies them "oh
that's not really right billy, but good job"
- wears dull colors
- in reference to control, she does override with her own
opinions "I THINK......"
- she looks like drew barrymore
- a really ugly drew barrymore

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