Nick's Journal
2002-09-20 02:01:44 (UTC)

I Need Sleep

I'm walking out of subway and come face to face with a new
honda accord. The honda accord is bassing some rap and as
i look in and expect to see some huge black guy bobbing
his head to the rythm. instead i'm greeted by the sight of
a skinny arab guy. sweating like a pig in heat. he gives
me the "eye" and because i'm tired i mouth my
thoughts...specifically "what the fuck?" and move on.
i hear the car swurve around on a u-turn, and it races by
me as i continue down the sidewalk. not thinking much of
it i continue to the crossing. the guy kicks a 3 point
turn in an entrance a couple of yards near the crossing
and cuts in front of me.
parks his car.
as i cross the street.
as i walk with my back to him, i see him.
i see me.
i see him get out of the car, face sweating, hair matted
to face, eyes torn wide open. he's on cocaine. i know
this, because i see him a couple mins. before in his apt.
doing lines. he's coming towards me with a gun.
but then with the ferocity of a tiger that knows he has
his prey. right i slam into my body and turn around, to
see him with his gun pointed at my chest.
3 things go through my mind.
this is how it ends?
why didn't i eat at taco bell instead of subway (seriously)
a split second after the last thought, the gun fires.
i put up my hands, and the bullets blow through my chest.
i feel excruciating pain, then nothing.
i continue walking. too afraid to turn around, for fear
of death. i make it to the stairs until i finally gather
the courage to see if he's there.
the car is gone.
probably was never there.
how much did i hallucinate?
financial management. teacher passes out scantrons for a
quiz. i get the scantrons from my left and as i am about
to pass it to the guy next to me i see he has scantrons
coming from his right, so i decide to give mine to the row
behind me.
"i didn't get any scantrons" he says.
"well whose problem is that?" i say
"mine? how is it mine"
"you didn't pass them the right way"
my dreams are my reality, and my reality are my dreams