Diary of the Weird
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2002-09-20 01:44:59 (UTC)

Get Away

Another day of release. I've felt mentally and
physically like shit for the past month and now I'm
starting to be me again after hanging out with friends and
my cousin Chris. Today I went with my cousin looking for
somewhere to go Go-Karting. Even though everywhere was
closed I had a great time just driving around with him
blasting System of a Down and Disturbed for three hours
straight. He's about twice my age as I am but we like the
same stuff so I just feel really comfortable around him,
while with everyone else I feel kind of wierd.
When I got home, my mom didn't really hassle me to
much, but that wasn't because she was trying to be nice.
She was to busy to pay attention to me and dropped on my
lay a big decision in my lap: do I want my dad to have
visitation. Obviously, I said no. It would have been better
if I had more time to think. I could have gotten some
unbiased opinions. Even get sympathy from a girl in class,
get her to know me,....

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