my entity
2002-09-20 01:31:56 (UTC)

wuz up?

nah..its been a while since i have written notes here.. i
guess im too busy at work and that we're not allowed to
browse from there anymore...

time flew fast that its already the middle of
September..well..nothin too much has happened just a bit of

i bought a new TV for my mom on the 14th then on the 15th
the family had dinner since it was my parents' silver
wedding anniversary. me and my sibling played billiards for
an hour and then went home to rest...whew it was an awesome
nite though...

now im back to a routine where i work 12 hours a day, what
else, OT!!!! Ot to earn extra income and more money so that
I could save for..for what? nah..i really dunno but i feel
that whatever ill be saving is for good.

which reminds me...its going to be the 2nd sem for my
sister's school so i guess ill be needing enuff money for
her enrollment..

*deep sigh*

9:35 AM