Pure, White and Cold
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2001-07-25 11:46:08 (UTC)

A Scream of Anguish: The Werewolf's Cry

I've got a Harry Potter disease...

Yeah, so many people say that its a kiddy book and is
stupid but... have they actually read the series?! JK
Rowling is a pretty good writer. The only thing I can't
really stand is the fact that every time the "good" guy is
actually the "bad" guy and vise versa. Very annoying.
Anyway, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are so cute, ne? I
found a really cool japanese site with great fanart. Wolf-
boy (*growl*) is sooo _sweet_ and Sirius is really...
what's that word... I think "sexy" is an understatement...
plus he's got/had a flying bike!

Fish Gardens:

Anyway, school's started... I have an two assignments due
tommorrow. One's a speech-like-thing. I hate speeches, but
then again, doesn't everyone?

The son-of-a-bitch at school STILL hasn't returned Daughter
of the Empire!!!!! I want my friend, Nadia, to read the
damn thing!!!! S**T!!!!!! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
I was searching in desperation for another avid DoE/SoE/MoE
fan like me, (ie. scribbles characters especially Arakasi
in subject books whenever possible) it seems like I'm the
only psycho out there. Why???? I'm so LONELY!!!

I found this interesting comparison between X/1999 and
Janny Wurt's Wars of Light and Shadow somewhere on the
internet on someone's blog. Wow! I never looked at it that
way! Arithon is so Kamui, ANGST-BOY himself, seriously!!
While I totally agree that Lysaer is not the sticking-sharp-
he IS quite like Fuuma, both are seemingly splendid in
front of normal people but when the truth comes out...
Arithon also has this sword right, Althiel (can't be
bothered to look for book to check spelling) and Kamui has
that Destiny(tm) sword/whatever they call it thingy. Elaira
as Kotori? NO WAY!!!! She's so much cooler than that
whinning pest. I'm sure I'm not the only one who cheered
when Kotori died, the most interesting part of her scenes
was when Kakyou appeared in the dreams. Waaaahhhh....
Kkkaaakkkkyyyooooouuuuuuuu.......... *long dreamy sigh*
Hey! Reminds me of Sethvir! Yeah, Seth isn't as young as
Kakyou I guess but Seth's supposed to have a dreamy and far-
away gaze most of the time. Also, Sethvir has the earthlink
while Kaky is a yumeni, they're quite close... Pale, and
thinly built, I think that was the general description...
Hehehe, but Kakyou DOESN'T have a beard... thank goodness!
Maybe Kaky's more like Calum Kincaid.... although I don't
think Kaky has destroyed a planet before.

Some stuff I'd love to see (subtitled: Stuff I wish existed)

* DoE/SoE/MoE in Japanese Anime WITHOUT any storyline
lost... I could give the character designers some
pointers... hehe... (in a small voice:) oooohhhhh-
aaarrraaaakkkaaasssssiiiiiii............ (sigh)
* WoLaS as a manga.... see above entry.....
* Chibi Arithon plush toy!!!!!!! Kawaii!!! (see above entry)
* Harry Potter as in an anime with designs by the person
who runs FishGardens... Ohhhh... Remus and Sirius...

Oh! I just noticed! Everything's anime/manga related! Oh
well, I'm a real anime freak!

Good news; I got top marks for my history empathy writing
and got 19/20 for my journal in English. I don't think he
read any of it, I was full of crap on anime stuff and
books. Me and my friend did this topic for debate as one of
them: "Is Valgrav as evil as Xellos or does Xellos surpass
all evilness?" A.K.A "Who is worse, Val or Xel?" I also
wrote down "Why Kaoru from Evangelion is not gay", "My
reasons for the statement; Tamahome is a
prick/dork/loser/complete and utter wossy", "The People Who
Run My Life (or my favourite fictional non-anime
characters)" and "Endless Fantasy: Do You Feel Lost? (my
favourite book series)" and a story "Genocide" written in
verses and chapters.

Currently listering to:

Current mood:
obssessed (spl)

Current obssession: (not in order)
* Remus Lupin
* Sirius Black
* Arithon s'Ffalenn
* Arakasi (He has no last name!!!! Well... that does make
sense doesn't it? He doesn't even know for certain who his
father is and his mother doesn't exactly know does she, I
mean, there's so many customers and all that, it's hard to
tell who actually blah blah blah...)


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