listen to my silences
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2002-09-19 23:22:14 (UTC)

micro and sojourn

please pray for a friend of mine. her name is micro and
she is having surgery tomorrow. i think she's really
scared. i would be if i were her. doctor's are
frightening. and things that have to be done to make a
person better are even scarier sometimes. so please, at
least take a moment to think of her.

i've been going to a new church lately. i don't really
consider northside my home anymore. the church is a mile
wide and an inch deep. most of it is anyways. i mean yes,
there are people who care...but i'm just not growing. i
started going to sojourn, a church off bardstown road.
yeah, it's quite a bit farther to drive for me. northside
is two minutes (really) down the road. sojourn is about
twenty minutes away if there's no traffic. but it's worth
it. omigosh is it worth it. the people there
are...amazing. absolutely amazing. the guy who talks (i
think he's the pastor but i'm not exactly sure) is a person
with whom you can talk to about anything, and he won't
judge you. that's a real problem i have had at northside.
i still go to northside on sunday mornings to help out with
the junior high. but my sunday nights are the best. i'm
not a member there yet, i want to go more times first. but
the depth of the people, the love that they have for
everyone, the love they have for god, the wisdom in them,
and so much more...i can't wait till sunday night.

maybe this doesn't make any sense to you. i wish i could
take you with me. you'd see. not only that, you'd
believe. you'd see the faith in these people and your own
would be strengthened. and with things that have been
going on in my life, i've needed my faith strengthened A
LOT. thanks god. you're amazing.

final thought: where one or more are gathered in my name,
there i will be also.