The Basement
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2002-09-19 23:15:20 (UTC)

Coffee grinders and straight gurls

My krn guy friend,William, sister thinks I'm cute.
lolz. She's straight too.
William says she thinks I'm a krn guy. thass hella funny.

Anyhoo, everybody is getting all paired up for the
homecoming. Me and kelsy myte go together dressed in suits
and ties. Or we myte try and get in dressed in pink bunny
costumes lolz. She thought that one up at 12 midnight and
called me up all trippin.Mommy got mad.

Today my friend started the breakdance club afta skoo so
now I'm in breakdance club.yep yep.All da ppl in dat club
r azn lolz. Only a senior whiteboy showed up.
My arms r so fukkin sore it aint even funny. I got so tired
I fell in the middle of a coffee grinder and smacked my
face on the gm floorl. grrrr... that one is so gonna stay...

Yep yep. I can do the worm[lmao],6-step and coffee grinder.
I'm still trying to do Nike and the headspin. God my face
hurts like a biotch...

speaking on biotch.... I hate my Honors block teacher.
She's old, she smells funky, she needs anger management,
and she talks to herself. O yea, she's mean.My math teacher
is racist agaisnt azn's [which is tough since azns
outnumber anyother ethnicity by 100 students in our skoo]
and my earth science teacher throws peanuts at ppl...

ok thats basically all... I'm joining the debate team and
I'm doing communtiy service.

so tired... bibi