keeping my hands in the air
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2002-09-19 22:08:10 (UTC)

My Decision

I have finally decided on what it is i needed to do about
corey. i've listened to my head, and i've listened to my
heart. they still both aren't on the same page and i still
haven't really chosen either get over him or have faith.
but ive decided that im just not going to think about it
forever and i'll just see where things take me. right now,
all i really need to focus on is school and making good
grades (yes i know, im a dork). there's one good thing
about having all of this school stuff to do--it takes my
mind off of corey. and im one of those people who's kind
of an overachiever...i want to do good and get out of this
town. so as of right now, im telling people that with
corey, im just neutral. im not going to analyze what type
of "relationship" (friends, more than friends, friends w/
benefits, etc...) corey and i have. it's not my time to
decide that now and just so long as im happy, then it
doesn't really matter to me.

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