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2002-09-19 21:39:51 (UTC)

Wednesday Night Special

So to celebrate my return. We boozed. Ha. We drank a good
amount, and of corse i forgot that i was on medication.
Opps. Well a few girls down the hall got caught and
written up. One of them was Racheal who i like alot. And
she was sick from drinking, but i cleaned up the bathroom
after her, and i just hope she is ok.

We went downstairs and i noticed an open door downstairs,
so being the creeper i am, i walked right in, and said in
my drunkenness- "YOU SHOULDNT LEAVE YOUR DOOR OPEN". Turns
out, it was John Fahey... ha a suffielder! I didnt know he
went to Uconn, let alone that he lived in my dorm. I didnt
find out it was him till the next day. But we laughed abou

We met a ton of cool guys from the floor below us, some
are really cool. Ha i was drinking beer, then tequilla
then rum.. eww. This creeper Bob, who totally harasses
everyone on our floor, decides he likes sara. he followed
her around all night, and she was trying to run away from
him. But instead he ended up in our room, WITH ME..
ALONE!!!!!!!! ha telling me how much he likes her. it was
hysterical. God im so shallow and mean.. ohh well..

I had a nice talk with Josh and Bill when i came back.
Josh made me realize that most of my problem is just the
drama that surrounds everything i do, every step i take.
Well either way. for now ill just push myself away from
the drama causing agent. I think i talked to Ryan Mak and
said stupid thing sto him, and then made a fool out of
myself in front of carli, but she thought it was funny so
ist ok. Bill, is such an awesome guy. He made me realize
that maybe everything ive done hasnt been so wrong, and
that time will change, and heal some of my wounds. he made
me feel like maybe im not as bad as i think i am. Its so
nice to talk to someone whose older and knows a thing or
two about being young and stupid.

OH man, i got this thing for my bed, and it makes it so
comfortable, the bat cave is awesome now. (bat cave= my
bed, we put sheets all around it so its like a tent).

I ended up going to sleep at like 4.. its all good though

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