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2002-09-19 21:32:41 (UTC)

Few days in Suffield

So i went home, by tuesday i felt so much better it was
unbelievable. I saw a lot of people i havent seen in a
while. I went to a swim meet with Meghan, and it was
really wierd. I never realized how much i missed swimming
till i was there and seeing it all.

Everytime i was around people i have known for so long,
for some reason i felt nervous. I had this anxiety around
almost everyone i used to see daily. I'm not really sure
what its about, but seeing people and not being able to
really talk is a new thing for me. I think its just
because i know i dont belong in suffield, so being there
is just odd for me.

Carli sent me a card to make me feel better, that was very
sweet. she is a good kid.

Before i left i stopped by Dans, and some girl, who will
remian nameless showed up. And all i wanted to do was
punch her, I never could believe i could hate someone i
havent even talked to but i did, I hate her for all shes
done, and who shes hurt. But either way. I guess the
people she hurt made their own decisions, and if they
didnt want to, they wouldnt of. Hurts, but there arent any
ways to get around it.

I saw Julie new house. Julie was tricias old neighbor and
we always used to hang out and talk with her. Her house is
really nice, and im glad shes happy. We bought her a cake
to welcome her into her house.

I also met Meghan's new bf, john. Hes really nice, but i
guess i intimidated him. I guess i do that alot, and thats
most peoples first impression of me at time, intimidating?
I'm not sure why, but it is....

well my dad brought me back to school. So the school life
continues for Kasey Malec.....

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