Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-09-19 19:07:34 (UTC)

Ohh man...

I am terribly sorry Christy... because hotmail isnt my
main email software i havent been to hotmail in a little
while.. And i just got your email that you sent me from the
28 th of august...

I also misss very much talking to you... Icq just aint
the same withouth you... I misss you...

Life here is okay... although many things neeeds to be
worked on.. I am doing goood... i have changed my nutrition
a bit and now eat more healthy food... and started to do
exercise... I neeed to shape up a bit.. =)

I am still single... havent really been looking for a
girl... I could possibly be setted up by a friend... but i
just am unsure about if i want tooo start dating now or
maybe a bit later when things settle down a bit more...

Tonight i'm heading to a friend's stag... sooo we'll go
out to bars and to a strip club.. it's his final day out
with the boys before getting married... we plan to have a

I might be starting a new 2nd job soon... Although it
will add more hours to my 40 hour job... It will give me
some much neeeded money... Then i might be able to enjoy
life a bit more after... That's hopefully i'll have some
time off.. lol

Have a great day Christy,

Love always,