Meridith Z

Ad 0:
2002-09-19 18:33:17 (UTC)



today was a retarted day. im listening to unwrittenlaw and
they kick total butt. anyway, im soooo excited! i have no
idea why but i am. OH in math class, i flung the calculator
like..way in front of me. i dont know how but i did, it was
very funny. im completly bored and joyus. im waiting for
Johns skank booty to get here. so totally blah
blah blah blah blah blah ::flings hair back:: blah blah
blah ::remembers that she has no hair to fling:: blah blah
blah. i miss Sean!! he was totally kewl and now we never
talk. i was suppost to go to the movies with him and adrian
but my dad never came home..he was pissed....i dont
remember why though. well im gonna go anyone who is
reading this..i feel sorry for you.....


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