The Story of Me
2001-07-25 06:55:12 (UTC)

Computers Are Dumb

I swear this is the last entry for the night. I guess today
was one of those days where I have been thinking about
EVERYTHING. So...computers. How useful they are, but they
are so dangerous. Not dangerous in the literal sense. But
the whole computer thing is new to my family. We haven't
had one for that long. I'm pretty content with my computer
skills, I know more than enough to get by...but as
wonderful as technology is, and as much as it has made life
easier, they have destoyed alot of everyday life. Like
communication. Sure...Instant Messengers and e-mail make
staying connected to friends and family that live states or
even countries away much easier. That I am thankful for. I
have friends all over, and it's good to be able to talk to
them over the computer. However, it's made all other
communication obsolete. I actually sat down and wrote a
letter last week, and the thought of penmanship was a
completely weird idea to me. And I thought, why not just
write e-mail? It gets there faster, and I can type faster
than I write. But I guess that writing a real letter is a
bit more personal, even if it takes 3 days to get where it
is going instead of 3 minutes. See what I think about when
it is quarter to 3 in the morning? I'm crazy. Well, enough
about computers...I think I am gonna stay off mine for a
bit and try some real communication. Sheesh.

Goodnight and God bless