Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-19 15:31:22 (UTC)

hurry up and wait....

Ok just so you people know........ Becoming a big band is
hard....very hard. It's like continously buying lottery
tickets. Maybe one of them will be "the" ticket. But things
are going great. Atleast 5 major record labels will have
our stuff by the end of the week. Other than that I have
been working everyday this week...And when I haven't been
working during the day I have been workig with Matt, Ed,
and Kelly to keep our domain name, make flyers, send out
some cd's, get signed, make phone calls, emails, get
shows..etc. And my night have been spent eating a joe's
Crab Shack, watching the new Star Wars, having a
guitar/vocal band practice singing "highway to hell" at a
karaokee bar, running errands and watching "Amelie" at a
friends house. Thats my life. And today I have to work and
then get Kelly some flyers and packages to send to clubs
and then I am going to the Jummy Eat World concert. Well, I
hope all is well in everyones life. take it sleazy.
God Bless,