le soleil et la lune
2001-07-25 05:36:54 (UTC)

the move i made

As of today I put a link to this diary on my AOL homepage.
I guess I secretly hope that certain people will look at my
entries and let me know what the hell is going on. But I
am also scared that other people will read it and take
offense or go around spreading my private thoughts to all
sorts of people. I guess that is just the risk I will have
to take. Hopefully people won't take advantage of me
exposing this side of myself.
My Godfather died on Monday, and I am going to his viewing
and funeral later today. In fact I am sacrificing much
needed sleep to write here and to talk to CJ. I am going to
miss Grady a lot, who else am I going to attack with the
water gun or hose at the Jessup family reunion? Who else
would throw a bag of quarters at my head? But I guess it
is better that he move on to wherever he is going rather
than be a vegetable for however long the life support was
going to keep him alive.
I figured out today, that now more than ever I am not a
girly girl. CJ & I were helping Tiffani pick out clothes
for her senior pictures, and he was doing all the picking,
I didn't have a clue. Then she asked us to roll her hair,
and I had to turn her to her mother. I couldn't even give
her good advice on how to fix her hair despite the really
bad hari cut she got today(even though I have had more than
my fair share of bad haircuts), b/c I just throw mine up in
a ponytail, or wear a dew rag. Then I thought about my
wardrobe. I don't really own any dressy clothing, or much
of anything other than T-shirts and jeans. It's kinda
depressing b/c sometimes I would like to be one of those
girly girls that guys respond to. Okay, that is all for
now, sorry it's been a boring entry.