Virtual Un-Reality
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2001-07-25 05:35:44 (UTC)

July 24, 2001 - Initial entry.

Welcome to this little journal. I found this site by
accident, and realized it was free, so decided this would
be a nice place to begin writing thoughts and ramblings to
share with anyone who's interested in such things.

I warn you now, my mind rambles and thoughts pour out with
no real sense of proper grammatical skill. I really am
better than that, but when I ramble, I just don't care.

Today was an interesting day. Mood changes from happy and
giddy all the way down to depressed and unhappy. As I write
this, the latter is still holding me in its grasp.

Many people know two sides of me. My online self, and my
Real life self. I've always tried very hard to keep them
both the real me. I've never claimed to be any different VR
than RL. And in effect, if something happens to hurt my
virtual feelings, the real ones happen to hurt as well.

Seems fitting that tonight is the night I begin this diary.
Random thoughts due to yo-yo moods need to be brought out.

Tonight was a game of Truth or Dare that started early this
afternoon, then puttered out. Later in the evening it
picked back up again with many of the same folks, myself
included. A key player puttered out, the mood changed, and
declined rapidly from there. Oh well. Life goes on. Later
vague apologies were given, but not for anything in
particular, merely for the mood change. Didn't make me feel
a bit better, but oh well. Why do I let these things online
bother me? Because that VR self is very tightly attached to
the RL self, and we feel virtual things as if they were
real thing. I'll survive. I always do.

Tomorrow, however, I have an appointment with the Traffic
Court. Due to an accident I had last month, I'm in heaps of
trouble. No insurance, expired tags, and the, albeit minor,
accident was indeed, my fault. I'm not looking forward to
tomorrow, that's for certain.

I hope I haven't bored any who may come across this diary.
Feel free to comment at will.

Until tomorrow....