My thoughts exactly...
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2001-07-25 05:34:58 (UTC)

another day, another dollar

There was nothing extra spectacular about today. It's hot
outside. Very hot. The air conditioner is working
overtime today.

Let's see.. what do I want to say today? I'm just hanging
out on an average day. Went to work. Got stuff done. Had
a light workout today. I'm looking forward to the intense
workout tomorrow. Being out of town sucks when you can't
get in a regular workout routine. And I hate when I can
feel it on my own body. Sometimes that brings me down,
even though I know it shouldn't. I'm shooting to be in
great shape by the end of the year. And some of the
roadblocks tend to piss me off, but that's alright. I'll

With the heat, I think I was dehydrated today. I won't say
how I know. I just need to up my water intake in this

I think my allergies are acting up, although my vitamins
have been helping immensely. This weather sucks. I can't
wait until it cools off just a little bit.

I'll stop complaining now. Let's see.. what positive stuff
can I come up with? I'm pretty much caught up with writing
people and responding to notes and emails. My apartment
could use some cleaning. Clutter everywhere, especially in
the study. I hate it. Oh crap, there I go into the
negative again.

Ya know, I'm gonna get a good night's rest, and I do admit,
today was a pretty good day. Oh - it's starting to rain.
Nice, hopefully that cools it off a bit. Anyway, when I
get up in the morning, I'm going to have an even better day!

Have fun.
Good night.
Sleep tight.
Keep cool.
Stay in school.