2001-01-20 01:06:40 (UTC)


Hey! Well, this is my first "entry," so let me start out by telling
you more about me.

My name is Jasmine (A.K.A Jazz, Jazzy, Baby Girl, Tatertot, Mrs.
Jeter). Yes, I am in LOVE with Derek Jeter! I can't wait until we get
married and make passionate love. . . just joking =)I live
in Perris, So Cal. It's kinda close to san Diego. I am 14 and my best
friends are Nicole and Brittney. My ghetto-ass b/f is Bobby (my
baby!). I am a Libra which makes me sensitive and emotional (sucks
sometimes). I am about 5'7", brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin
*Creole descent*. I love having a good time, even though when I first
meet people I am on the shy side. I am also known as a "goody goody"
(not even!). I just get good grades, I ain't all that good! Oh, and
you know what else?! I got my tongue pierced last month. Aww, snaps,
how bomb! It looks so tite, and I don't even have a bad reputation
for it! I have 4 siblings alltogether, but only 3 live with me. The
oldest is Asiha (23) who lives in Florida. Then there's Kellen (18),
me, Kristen *Kris* (12), & Katie (10). Asiha is the cool older sister
who's always giving advice, Kellen's the cool older brother who can
get on your nerves at times, Kris is the hypocrat, acts-too-old-for-
her-age bitch, and Katie is the Attitude Queen. My mom (40)b*tches
almost every day of the week. She's in the Army National Guards and
she also runs her own Day Care, so I see her everyday. My dad is a
detective for the LAPD, and since we live so far away from LA, he
stays at my grandma's apartment in San Pedro on the week days, so I
only see him on weekends. I guess you can call me a "daddy's girl,"
but I am definitely not spoiled. I wish I was, though, like Kris &
Katie. Kellen's ass is spoiled too, but he doesn't know it. I go to
Perris High (P-Town, big baybah!). It's not all that great, but it's
cool to be to hang out with your friends. I also like watching WWF.
My favorite wrestler is Triple H (no, he does not suck!).

Damn, I wrote a whole shitload, so I guess I'll actually start
writting about incidinces in my next entry. Laterz!