shell's life
2001-07-25 05:07:54 (UTC)

Another f***in bad day

Well I haven't wrote in here for awhile so i thought i'd
come let yall know what the hell is happenin'. well like
everyday i was arguin with my grandma. i had my cousin
cecily over and i had my boyfriend derrick on the phone. we
got in to it really bad and she pissed me off REALLY bad.
so i went back to my room where cecily was talkin to
derrick. grandma came in there yellin and told me to come
out there with her and talk to her. i punched my door
really hard and almost broke my fist. she left after awhile
to take my brother and sister to the movies. well at that
point i was ready to kill someone or something. i started
to cry and derrick wanted to talk to me but i couldn't
talk. there is these shelf things by my bed and threw them
down and broke my lamp that is on it. i almost knocked my
bird cage over. there was a huge mess on my floor but i had
to let my anger out somehow. derrick said he'd call me back
later and got off the phone. well i saw the glass on the
floor and it looked very nice so i picked it up and cut mt
hand open with it and tryed o cut my wrist but cecily
wouldn't let me. after awhile i got settled down and tryed
to fix my room a little bit. still pissed at grandma but
i'm chilled at this point. aother than that i don't think i
have anything to say.