Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-09-19 04:52:43 (UTC)

"All I do is wish...."

Ever feel like the your heart is caving in? I want to
cry, but know I cant. All I can do anymore is wish, and
alot of good that does, its alot like "all talk no action".
It seems like no matter what, I am screwed anymore. I try
to make everyone happy, but I cant, and so I am left sittin
her saying "I wish....". I need to change, become stronger,
more durable I need to become what everyone else needs me
to be, but I feel so weak. I need to get rid of everything,
stop caring for the things that dont matter, start caring
and doing for the things that dont need it. I live in
clutter, and I suppose that should be the first thing to
do, so tomorrow, I will gut my room, aka my living hole,
and make a fresh start. I dont need all the stuff in there,
it serves no real purpose, beside make things more
challenging. I love you, and if i could, "I would change
the world, I would be your sunlight in your universe, you
would think my love was really something good, baby if I
could, change... the world"