wHaT a PhuCkEd uP LiFe
2001-07-25 04:41:25 (UTC)

so yeah...

yeah, well me, kris, and brian (my boyfriend) went to
Denny's tonite, and almost wrecked some bitches. this
FOCKER scott whoused to talk a lot of shit to kris, then
started talking shit to me, telling me to go kill myself
and shit (not knowing i'm too conceited for that) was
there. so i confronted him about that being that i haven't
seen him/talked to him since that day. and he was all
nonchalant and shit when he was by himself but decided to
get all froggy and shit when his people got there, which
was gay. forreal. i had to hold bri back b/c i knew he
would go to jail for someone disrespecting me. so that
sucked. but yeah this is my first thing at my-diary...

so...yeah...happy reading...