Loverboys Diary
2001-07-25 04:25:12 (UTC)


OK so you alredy know about Randy or since you are my new
diary you don't so I will tell you about him. Lets just
say that I like him so much and I have liked him for like
over seven months. I beleive that he likes me but I know
he is really shy. Every one around tells me he doesn't
know what he is missing and I know that he doesn't. I
just don't know what to do you know I have tried
everything. I just have to wait and see what happens i
have already made the move. Or the moves what ever you
want ot call them. I really like to be able to spill out
my feelings here becasue I don't feel like talking to
anyone anymore about him because everyone has heard obout
him from me. I really love this guy or so I think. I have
writtten a poem about him but please if you want to use it
credit it to me or my SN Littlecutee. Here is the poem.


As I sit here thinking of you, I wonder would you always
be true? How far would we go how liong could we make it?
Life is so hard and I consider myself taken. By you I
mean, I wish you would see, what you are missing, missing
in me. I would take you in a heartbeat, and love you so
much, I cry for you deeply and long for your touch.
Please won't you see, see what you are missing, missing in

Written on July 15, 2001 for the one who is blind.