lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-09-19 02:47:38 (UTC)

buck the trend

alright so no one else will write in this, but i will. aaagh.
life is so so so cool in some areas and so lame in
others. beats me to heck what's going down.

i have a secret favorite band right now but the only
person who knows i like them is anna, cuz she won't
leech them off me.

i don't have a zit today. not one. this is a good day.

the book jenna & kristen & i have been studying is
called "breaking free" and it's supposed to help you
realize areas of your life where you're in bondage and
then you can fix those so you can have freedom in
Christ and not do the same sins over and over...yeah
wouldn't that be nice?

anyway it's so cool because the chapter we just did
was about trusting God...which is so huge for me
because i'm such a worrywart spaz attacker! but we
had a little phrase & bible verse to think about
whenever we get worried & it's been working
amazingly. i mean, it's the hardest thing in the world to
trust God...i know i can't stop Him from doing what He's
doing, but i feel like a little kid who keeps going, "what
are you dooooing? why? why? what's going on? are
we there yet?" haha YES that is me.

magic mountain...mal's...drew's...good weekend
coming up. yippee hooray!

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