2001-07-25 03:36:00 (UTC)

i still have hope

see me and one of my bestfriends are going through some
stuff right now and i really want him to see that i want to
be ther for him but i think i might have told him that i
was in love with him instead. and who is he to blame i
praticly through my self at him and he being the good
friend he is picked me up and held me and kissed me and
some other stuff that you wouldn't want little kids to read
about and fter all that went on i think he was ashamed of
not only himself but me as well because i knew he would
react that way i did things to make him act that way
aswell and he knew it so now i have set off to make things
right again which is going to be hard because he is a
centsative person and doesn't like to be brain washed by
any one including me! well bye now