My Life at a Glance
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2000-10-29 12:52:36 (UTC)

10/29/00- Sunday Okay, I m in a..

10/29/00- Sunday

Okay, I'm in a really good mood today because it is daylight savings
time and I got an extra hour of sleep. Not a bad way to start the
day. Lots has happened since the last time I had a minute to write.
I got all of the kids their halloween costumes. They all look so
cute. Jay is going as Harry Potter, CJ is going as the wrestler,
Kane, Sami is going to be a giraffe and Sumi is going as a hydrangea-
the Anne Geddes costume. They are so cute! My husband and I both
have off of work today, so we are going to finally get our chance to
carve pumpkins. Nothing like waiting for the last minute. My
youngest daughter, Sumi is sitting here begging me to put stickers
all over her face. She is a very smart baby- I am not just being
biased- she truley amazes me. Her brain is like a sponge. I can say
a word one time and she remembers it and says it all of the time.
Anyway- I get done bragging now. My husband's aunt died on Thursday
and she is being buried tommorrow. I hate funerals, but as an adult,
you just have to do certain things. He is one of the Pall Bearers,
so we have to go out and look for a suit for him to wear. Like I
said, nothing like waiting for the last minute. I will miss his aunt-
she was a sweet woman and she had a rough life with her husband.
Sometimes it doesn't sewm fair that the one who suffered so much in
life should have to suffer so much with illness, but I guess that the
end result is better then. I know that it will be tense tommorrow,
because nobody likes her husband, but I guess we will have to be
forgiving and let God take care of him. Pretty deep, huh? I have to
tell you the best news, my stepson is finally online at his mom's
house and he is on the same server as we are, so we will be able to
chat with him and send him email- it's great. Okay, well, I better
go, The kiddos need to eat.

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