point of a distorted view
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2002-09-19 00:12:29 (UTC)

Thorn and Zorn roxors my soxors:-P

whoa. I know. It's been forever. I've just been lazy.
Actually, I was waiting for BRAIN to update his, but, so
far, no luck.
What's been up with me? A lot, but not so much...
I decided that I actually HATE skatee now. That's a
relief. He's an eevil evil man.
What else...
I'm a gnome. My gnome name is Jipsi. (Brian I want you to
be a gnome too.)
I went to the renfest. YAY!
I actually dressed up. I went with Jessy and we met Nej,
Lauren, Gemma(an a bunch of Gemma's Friends). It was
cool. I was a "waif".
Nobody knows me. They think they do, and that bugs me.
Mike thought he knew me, but I know it kinda threw him off
gaurd when I told him I was sitting about my house all day
singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". He says he
knows a bunch of girls just like me. Well, I used to act
the way I did around him because I thought that was the way
he wanted me to be. Now, I realized how stupid that was.
He's the last person on earth who should have any say in
the way I am. But, it WAS his idea to start a cult
worshipping me. But he got bored...no "perks". I dun like
him anyway. He seems like the type that I shouldn't hang
out with, that I'd be sorry, though i should probably
realize this by now.
Oh! Guess what world! I met another trekkie girl. I'm
happy cause we hang out in band and we eat candy. She
likes star trek. (Kristina!)
"We are in trouble, trouble we are in! Queen Brahnne will
have our heads, Our heads Queen Brahnne will have!"-Thorn
and Zorn! Yes, it's all Jessy's fault that I am on the
virge of becoming another obsessive FF9 fan. O well.

Viva la vivi! (vive, vivo, vivu?) Hhahahahahahah Jessy.

Ok, I can't say so much 'bout jessy if i dont say something
about amber, so...shout:
I'm gonna tell Brendt you said he was ugly!
Hahahahahahahaha! And will...hm...what should I say about
Will? No, I wouldn't do that. XoXoX

for Kristina:

::walks into room::
::looks around::
::passes out::

and one thing for Emi:
Gnome World Domination Corporation is even closer to
accomplishing it's goal! Na! ahahahah! (hm...what could
their goal be?)

And we end this session with the necessary words:
Hi brian we are all stupid and we rock! CALL ME!

Buh bye all peoples, I love you for reading this. Send me
a message because I KNOW you love me to!:-D