It smells like poop over here
2002-09-18 23:10:11 (UTC)

so tell me what it's like, to be half a man...

...it must break your heart, to see what i am." the DX
theme, performed by some fake ragers. but that is a pretty
fuckin cool line. RATM was pretty good tough, audio slay
(the rest of rage w/ chris cornell) CD is supposed to come
out in november. that should be cool.
i keep writing these stupid little letters at night to
my friends and girls i want oh so bad. im not sure what
they're for. just in case i die or run away and im never
heard from again. just in case i wanna start a new life. i
use the word "love" a lot. anyway, i sat down at my puter
tonight to talk about a few of my beliefs and a few of my
once again, to stick my my current mood of whining
about love, i discuss a few on my beliefs. let's say for
instance, you like someone. so, you love them. "how is that
possible?" you say, or you disagree with me somehow, saying
that love is a hard emotion and blah blah blah. well, hear
me out then. you like someone, you want them to notice you.
you go out of your way to impress them, show them who you
are and so forth. you show them your heart, and if they
don't accept it, it feels as if they ripped it out of your
chest, and walked on it, then walked on with there life. if
you like then, you love them, but on a different level. get
it? cause i believe there are different levels of love. you
maybe love your mom, but not the same way you love your
brother or sister, which is different from the way you love
your friends, which is totally different from the way you
love your b/f, g/f or "significant other" if you will. i
suppose i didn't explain that as well as i wanted to. i
won't try it again now, ill try again later.
my beliefs on god? now people, i don't want to
offend anyone, these are my opinions and my feelings and my
beliefs, not yours. ill respect your if you have a
different view, so please respect mine. and don't try to
tell me that your religion is the "one true faith", ill
beat you. not really, but listen to me. religions have been
around for century. and i do believe in A god, which god, i
don't know. not the god of christianity, or jesus or the
holy spirit who just happen to be the same person. that's
bullshit. im not as educated in the religions of the world
as i should be, so most of this is me bitching about
christians. christianity is bullshit. they fucking made up
a religion like 3,000 years ago so that nobody would just
give up on life. so they would have something to look
forward to and something to strive for. some clan or pack
leaders made it up im sure. baptists, episcopalian,
unitarians, mormons, catholics, presbiterians, christian
reformers, lader day saints and the rest of em can go to
hell. haha, isn't that ironic, im not sure if i believe in
god, but i told em to go to hell, assuming there is a hell??
gov't? fuck the gov't! im learning about it, i know
there's a lot of corruption in it, but you know what. i
like america, cause this is one of the few places that you
can say "i don't like america or it's leaders" without
getting your ass whipped with the back of an AK-47.
canada's not without it's charm either.
im gonna get some dinner. PEACE!