Diary of the Weird
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2002-09-18 20:37:23 (UTC)

Wasting My Time

Ever get that feeling of insignificance? The feeling
where you realize that you and everyone you know don't even
amount to one-percent of everyone living in your city, let
alone state or country? The dream of every American is to
be rich and famous and live the life of glamor. But how can
you do that when there are so many others fighting to get
that life, most with better credentials. Whether its
because they have money to back them, good looks, or just
stand out in the crowd. Since school began most of my time
I've devoted to studying and extracericulars that would
look good for college, yet so many others still have better
grades, better attidues, and better chances of success than
I ever could. I come from a small town, where the most
famous person to come from it is Halle Berry's mom. I
struggle day after day to try and get the grades needed
while still maintaining friends. I screwed things up
forever with my last girlfriend, even if we are still
talking as friends. Everyone else I have asked out since
and pretty much before has rejected me. I have to talent
that really makes me unique, and the things I do enjoy
aren't that strong. Am I just wasting my time trying so
hard? All my life I had basically the same work ethic, and
what has it gotten me thus far? Will I end up being like my
dad who I hate, simply because I have been around this so
much its all I can relate to? Psychology even shows
typically that children take after there parents parenting
style. In all truth, I could care less about my place on
the social ladder, but do I need to have I good step on it
to get ahead?

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