Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-09-18 20:15:04 (UTC)

Extra School Today

Yuck, I have to go to Saddleback today after work and
watch videos of the show I missed for my distance education
class, Developmental Psychology. I'll be in the library for
like 2 hours... That will be so boring. But at least I'll
be home by 7:00 or so, and I usually don't do much before
then anyway (unless it's already a school day). I just want
to be caught up in all my classes.
Gini came over on Monday night. She's still my best
friend, so don't get me wrong, but her attitude lately has
kind of sucked. I'm starting to see her the way my parents
always saw her: stuck up and conceited. But that's only a
small part of her. She's fabulous 90% of the time. There's
just some things she says, or the way she says them, that
bothers me. I love her to death, we have so much fun when
we're doing something, or watching a movie or whatever, but
if we're just talking about life, it doesn't work very
well. We're on different wavelengths.
Okay, just had to write something...bye!