2002-09-18 19:29:35 (UTC)

Charlie and Brent... oy

I told Charlie about Brent. This is what happened.........

Cberger28: o
Cberger28: i didnt know u were seeing anybody
CandiCat314: it just happened
CandiCat314: a day or two ago
Cberger28: hmm
Cberger28: whats he like?
CandiCat314: he's a dork
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: he's from greenwich, CT
Cberger28: oh
CandiCat314: I hope you don't hate me
Cberger28: well
CandiCat314: I'm not even sure about him
Cberger28: a bit
CandiCat314: it's confusing
Cberger28: i mean i dont hate u im a little angry
Cberger28: and confused
Cberger28: and hurt
CandiCat314: but I didn't know what was even going on
between us
CandiCat314: I was afraid of holding on to you to only find
that you found someone new and wonderful
Cberger28: well hey thats whats just happened to me
CandiCat314: what do you mean?
CandiCat314: ohh
CandiCat314: but he isn't like you
Cberger28: yeah
CandiCat314: it's differnt
Cberger28: what does that mean?
CandiCat314: I can't explain
CandiCat314: umm
Cberger28: so what am i like that he is?
CandiCat314: he certainly isn't a replacement
Cberger28: well thats not how it feels from here
CandiCat314: I liked him last year
CandiCat314: I had only met him twice then
CandiCat314: this year he lives with 3 really good friends
of mine
CandiCat314: I was always going over there to hang out with
Cberger28: so what now hes more availible?
CandiCat314: it's more than that
Cberger28: geez
CandiCat314: he's completely different from you, so I
wanted to try something new
CandiCat314: please don't completely hate me Charlie
Cberger28: so ive been traded in for something new and
Cberger28: that makes me feel alot better
CandiCat314: that's not how it is
Cberger28: well thats what it sounds like from here
CandiCat314: Charlie, I'm sorry. I love you so much. I wish
you could understand where I'm coming from
Cberger28: no i do understand u tell me u love me i go away
to college love u too and then get traded it for something
diffrent cuse u got bored of me
Cberger28: here i am pinning for u
CandiCat314: that's not it at all
Cberger28: and
Cberger28: well thats what it souinds like
CandiCat314: I told you when we left that you would be
meeting lots of girls and I would be meeting guys and
anything could happen
Cberger28: and thats certinly what it feels like
CandiCat314: I never said that I promised my heart to you
Cberger28: but i havent met anybody that compares to u
CandiCat314: I promise that I will always love you, because
you are so special
CandiCat314: Charlie, that's what I'm trying to say
Cberger28: well thats nice
CandiCat314: he doesn't compare to you
Cberger28: ok
CandiCat314: I don't even love him
CandiCat314: I like him a lot
Cberger28: well that makes me feel a little better
Cberger28: im sorry for blowing up at u
CandiCat314: you have every right
CandiCat314: I'd rather be honest with each other
Cberger28: ive just been thinking about u alot and thinking
relizing more and more how special u are
CandiCat314: you are so sweet
Cberger28: well i try
CandiCat314: it's hard to have a relationship with someone
when they are so far away
CandiCat314: we have to be realistic
Cberger28: i guess we'll just keep things the way theyve
always been
Cberger28: yeah we do
Cberger28: ur right as usual
CandiCat314: no
Cberger28: no what?
CandiCat314: I'm not always right
Cberger28: oh ok i can live with that
CandiCat314: so are we ok
CandiCat314: for now at least?
Cberger28: we've always been ok
Cberger28: this doesnt change us in the least
Cberger28: im just a little hurt broken and disillusioned
CandiCat314: aww
CandiCat314: Charlie
CandiCat314: don't do that guilt trip with me
Cberger28: but we'lll always have the same relationship we
always have
Cberger28: im not trying to
Cberger28: its what it is im sorry
Cberger28: im trying to be blunt
Cberger28: this is just like before we said anything this
Cberger28: i guess itll have to go back to that
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: Charlie
CandiCat314: oy vey
Cberger28: or ill just have to wait till break
CandiCat314: you'll always be one of my number one favorite
people in the whole world
Cberger28: welll now i feel like everythings over
Cberger28: staments like that remind me of breakups
Cberger28: which hurt alot
CandiCat314: ohh stop that
Cberger28: stop what?
CandiCat314: we are always the crazy kids in the toy store
CandiCat314: you know that
Cberger28: i know i know
Cberger28: but ive been keeping my hands in the shopping
Cberger28: since the summer
Cberger28: but hey i guess i can bounce back
Cberger28: im sorry
Cberger28: mabey i expected too much
Cberger28: i just read those letters and thought something
Cberger28: but i can go back to being the way things were
Cberger28: cuse even though we werent techniquly going out
or i dunno whatever relationship ours is i want to say this
isnt a break up but it sure feels like one
Cberger28: ok im done typing
Cberger28: period
Cberger28: exlimationpoint
Cberger28: ampersand
CandiCat314: sorry, phone
Cberger28: no my names charlie
Cberger28: not phone
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: I meant the phone rang
Cberger28: well did u read what i wrote
CandiCat314: before
CandiCat314: yes
Cberger28: and?
Cberger28: type something
CandiCat314: I don't know what we were this summer
CandiCat314: but I understand where you're coming form
CandiCat314: from
CandiCat314: I felt the same way before
CandiCat314: I want you to go out
CandiCat314: meet girls
CandiCat314: date them
CandiCat314: kiss them
CandiCat314: whatever
CandiCat314: just don't forget me
CandiCat314: I won't forget you
Cberger28: dont forget me
CandiCat314: :-)I couldn't
Cberger28: who am i going to sit on the docks with now
Cberger28: who am i going to eat bagels and fish with
CandiCat314: I never did any of those things with you.
CandiCat314: lol
Cberger28: what?
Cberger28: who is this?
CandiCat314: Candi
CandiCat314: Candice Leigh Beckmann to be exact
Cberger28: remember sititing on the dock i nyack
Cberger28: or eating bagels and fish
CandiCat314: ohh yeah
CandiCat314: ohh wait
Cberger28: yeah
CandiCat314: yeah
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: I though you meant locks
Cberger28: thanks alot
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: aww
CandiCat314: no
CandiCat314: I didn't forget
CandiCat314: it was just the way you phrased it
Cberger28: when we get back on break we're still going to
do that stuff right?
Cberger28: go to ice cream
Cberger28: and movies
CandiCat314: definately
Cberger28: ok
Cberger28: well then im fine
CandiCat314: :-D
CandiCat314: you make me happy, thanks
Cberger28: i try
Cberger28: so what is it between us now?
Cberger28: just the way it always has been?
Cberger28: cuse im fine with that?
Cberger28: i think this actully was are agreement beforwe
CandiCat314: I don't know
Cberger28: but i just freaked out when i heard that ur
seeing some one
Cberger28: u dont know?
CandiCat314: how about we are best friends that have been
through a lot more together than normal best friends
CandiCat314: I think is actually what we left it at
Cberger28: o.k.kk
Cberger28: well i thought it was a little more
CandiCat314: yeah
CandiCat314: but more or less that
Cberger28: like best friends who had a deeper connection
than best freinds
CandiCat314: yeah
CandiCat314: that sounds right
Cberger28: so is it still how we left it?
Cberger28: or is it diffrent?
Cberger28: cuse now that ive stopped stapling my hand to
the desk
CandiCat314: what?!!!
Cberger28: i feel rational and better again
CandiCat314: that's not nice to say
Cberger28: not really
CandiCat314: you better be joking
CandiCat314: ok good
Cberger28: im joking geez
CandiCat314: well my Charlie Berger on rye, no mayo
Cberger28: so what is it is it the way we left it or
CandiCat314: I have lots of work to do
CandiCat314: best friends who had a deeper connection than
best freinds, sounds about right
Cberger28: ok so nothing really changed then has it?
CandiCat314: no
CandiCat314: we are good
Cberger28: well i mean its changed a little but its the
Cberger28: ok
CandiCat314: yeah
Cberger28: i can deal with that
CandiCat314: and I am overloaded with work and must depart
Cberger28: just like i delt with the dominican kid
CandiCat314: lol
Cberger28: ok later babe
Cberger28: mwah
Cberger28: seeya
CandiCat314: Robert and I are just friends
Cberger28: snoogans
CandiCat314: have a good day
CandiCat314: be nice to yourself
Cberger28: id rather not
CandiCat314: what?
Cberger28: but if u inisist
CandiCat314: please
CandiCat314: thank you
Cberger28: aight later honey
CandiCat314: bubye sweets