ted morrison jnr
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2001-07-25 01:35:00 (UTC)

"i refuse to lose i refuse to..

"i refuse to lose
i refuse to fall down
you see its the monotony that's got to me
every day like the last one
every day is a re-run..."-patti smith

we are under the gun (of the sun). the heat has become
oppressive, even more so since the sun has set and the
tempertaure has not gone down. i slept in a chair in the
living room while my housemates watched "the simpsons" and
other shows. i was dreaming of confrontation, of battles in
africa, barely clothed and truly savage. i woke groggy and
cotton-mouthed, immediately poured myself and a vodka drink
and came in here, the office, the dark hub of electronic
energy to search the night for a little more enlightenment.

recently i have been confronting gender issues. it seems
that a lot of my friends are fighting the battle of the
sexes. being a homosexual man, i rarely encounter sexist
environments. a lot of the women in my life are tormented by
the still oppressive force of social equality. and most men
i know view women as either sex objects or sisters, in both
cases basically harmless and helpless creatures, reaching
out a hand for help to a man. i don't really get it.

i would like to figure out a way to turn wood into liquid.
to drink earth, eat the sea, to never hunger for that which
is not readily available. any ideas?