2002-09-18 18:21:50 (UTC)

The other side

Wells just to catch yall up....

~I did good in track last year, made it to regionals in the
4x8 and 1000, ran the 4x8 at states

~Made varsity soccer for bethel without trying out cuz i
had states that week so i couldnt go to the try outs, but
the coach said she had seen all she needed to see during
winter league

~I am now captain of the cross country team....let me tell
you ppl love to use you when your captain as their lil
puppet, but don't worry i put her in her place

~I am a lot happier now then i was last year...i don't know
why, but i just feel a lot better about myself

~I have my license now, but no car

~I am no longer attending my dads every other weekend visits
(maybe thats why im happier)

Wells that's about all that i can say~~~ read my new
journal @

PS. Thanx to all the people who replied to my entries.