Ruby Red

The Truth About Perfection
2001-07-25 01:06:22 (UTC)

missing you

Dear John,
I just got back from my weekend trip. Cassie told me you
were in colorado and would be back on monday but you aren't
and I really need to talk. I miss talking about creepy things like
kissing. I want to hear your voice and hear your laugh when I do
stupid things. I want to talk about some dumb video game you love,
because you love talking about it. I want you. I love you. I know
you probably don't want to hear it but I do. I have a feeling
you feel the same way but I can never tell if you are
flirting or just being nice.
I think about you all the time. Running, listening to
music, watching movies, reading, anytime. I can't stand it
anymore. I want you to hold me and just love me back, but
I don't know if you can. Cassie will never speak to either
of us again if we do.
You called me hot and always complement me. You want to
kiss me and I want to kiss you. You said I am the coolest
girl and so perfect for you. You said you wished I had
gone to that dance with you instead of changing my mind
after we were going to. You said we should have gone out.
Does that mean you just want to be friends? I don't.
I am so tired of hiding it and there's no one I can
tell. Cassie couldn't know because she'd hate me because
she likes you. My family can't know because they'd act
weird when you're around. Molly can't know because she's a
gossip. My other friends can't know because they won't
understand. And you can't know because you're the one I
love. I am going to explode!
I love you with all my heart and have never felt this
way. I am just waiting for you to tell me the same.

-Your very best friend