listen to my silences
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2002-09-18 17:39:29 (UTC)

i could fall

sometimes it's easier to be mad at someone than to just let
them go. then you have a reason for not talking to them or
wanting to do things with them or answering the phone when
they call. it's easier to be mad at them than to remember
the hurt and pain everytime you talk to them. everytime
you look in their eyes. the eyes that once held you in an
esteem. the eyes that no longer have the same gleam of
light or love toward you as they once did. sometimes it's
just easier to make an excuse than to realize the truth.
the truth hurts a lot at times. eventually, it heals. but
for the time being it hurts so much you'd do anything to
make it stop. almost anything anyways. sometimes it just
doesn't feel worth it.

did you think that i would hurt (him) just to heal my
heart? you don't know me.

final thought: look at me i'm flying. a breath away from i give it all, knowing that i could fall...