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2002-09-18 17:15:43 (UTC)

it's not my fault (you did that)

i figured something out. and this has nothing to do with
the entry i wrote yesterday. but anyways...

it's because you make everything out to be my fault. why
can't you realize that the choices you make are the choices
that YOU make? i have no part in deciding for you. yes, i
may ask you to do something with me, i may really want you
to. but ultimately you decide. i'm not going to not like
you just because you aren't going to do something that you
don't want to do. as long as you didn't tell me you were
going to do it in the first place, i don't care.

why can't you take some responsibility? it's not my fault
that you are late to class. it's not my fault that you
don't understand something or that i do not know how to
explain it. it's not my fault that you do not understand
when i'm explaining something since i don't know how to
explain it any differently than the way i understand it.
it's not my fault that you are single. it's not my fault
that you are a narcissist but it's also not an excuse.

i didn't do any of this to you so why are you treating me
like i did? why do you get mad at ME when something goes
wrong? why do you give me the look that says i'm better
than you anytime your life gets screwed up?

it's not my fault.