Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
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2002-09-18 16:04:21 (UTC)

09.17.02 Dream

*Note: I stopped talking to Henry and the dreams came back*
On this night I actually had two dreams, both were muttled
and disjucted, but very vivid.
The first one, I was a little boy maybe about 9 or 10.
Im in a forest, just kind of running around, then there are
other people chasing me, grownups and some girls my age. Im
very fast and they cant catch me. Then, I fly just beyond
their reach. It was scarey and fun.
The second dream I had was longer and much more
confusing. My girlfriend and I go to a freind of a freinds
cabin near a lake. The cabin is very haphazard, stairwells
on clsets that lead to other rooms on the second floor. The
floors are not level, etc. The owner is this kind of crazy
guy who is rich. When I go outside next the cabin isnt on
land anymore, its on water in the lake, the docks that
surround the cabin are just as haphazard as the cabin. Some
are partially submerged, others only half of the dock is
underwater and the other end is sticking too far out. some
are completely underwater, but you can still walk on it.
Then Im away from the cabin walking twords the ocean, it is
very wooded, and I can see the ocean about a mile away, I
begin to float off the ground, not far still movine twords
the ocean.