girl, interrupted
2002-09-18 15:34:40 (UTC)


PUNISH vb 1. to force (someone) to undergo a penalty for
some crime or misdemeanor. 2. (tr.) to inflict punishment
for (some crime, etc.). 3. (tr.) to treat harshly [C14:
'punisse', from OF 'punir', from L 'punire' to punish,
from 'poena' penalty] -'punishable adj. -'punisher n.
-'punishing adj.

GUILT n. 1. the factor state of having done something
wrong or committed an offence. 2. responsibility for a
criminal or moral offence deserving punishment or a
penalty. 3. remorse or self-reproach caused by feeling
that one is responsible for a wrong or offence. 4. Arch.
sin or crime. [OE 'gylt' from ? ]

ABNEGATE vb. -gates, -gating, -gated. (tr.) to deny to
oneself; renounce. [C17: from L 'abnegare' to deny]
-abnegation n. -abnegator n.

... LIE

my sins lie heavily on my mind

i lie down, they
trample all over me

i am living a lie

release me from this façade, please, someone, anyone, i
can't pretend anymore...